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The Original Transformers Season 2 Part 1

Review by Jeffrey M. Jacobson

Transformers is ™ Hasbro and Takara. Transformers Program content: ©Sunbow Productions, Inc.


This set seems to be mostly free of the errors that plagued Rhino's Season 1 set as far as I can tell. (See my season 1 set review for more info on that.) Apparently for about 3 minutes of "The Core" there is a camera shaking effect missing. (According to a post by Zobovor on The video quality (sharpness, etc) is good.

There is an episode title mistake: "The Master Builder" is supposed to be "The Master Builders. But they fixed an episode title mistake in "A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court". Originally, Decepticon was incorrectly spelled as "Deceptacon".

Rating 3.5/5


Unfortunately, Rhino is still adding in sound effects that were not present in the original episodes. Just like the Season 1 set, all of the 5.1 audio tracks contain extra sound effects.

Many of the episodes' 2.0 tracks do not have the extra effects. But not all of the 2.0 are intact. On Disc 1, the 2.0 audio tracks for "Changing Gears" (#17), "City of Steel" (#18), "Attack of the Autobots" (#19), and "Traitor" (#20) have extra sound effects that are not supposed to be there.

Rating: 2/5

Extra Features


Two-part episodes are spread across different discs.