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Gallery of Jeff Jacobson

All of the images on this page were made by me.

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  1. Raster Graphics
    1. 3-D
      1. Transformers Characters
      2. Landscape
    2. 2-D
  2. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Raster Graphics


I made these models and rendered them in 3D Studio Max

Transformers characters

Soundwave Soundwave - Microcassette Recorder
Shockwave - AstroMagnum Gun Mode Shockwave - Robot Mode


I made these images in Terragen.

landscape1 landscape2 landscape3 landscape4 landscape5 landscape5 landscape5 landscape5


Sesame Street Fighter

I drew this by hand, then scanned it into the comptuter. I replaced some of the handwritten text in Photoshop.

TaLiBaN - Gotta kill 'em all!

I made this parody of the Pokémon logo shortly after Sept. 11, 2001 using Photoshop.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

The Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format is a relatively new form of displaying vector graphics on the internet, similar to Macromedia's Flash format. But unlike Flash, you do not need any propriatary software to create SVG. SVG can be created using nothing more than a simple text editor, such as Notepad. For more information on SVG, see the W3C website.

Vector graphics (e.g., SVG) have various advantages over Raster graphics (e.g., JPG, GIF, PNG).

The most popular way of viewing SVG is with Adobe's SVG Viewer Plugin. I have tested my SVG files below and they work with both Adobe's SVG Viewer as well as Batik.

北斗の拳 (Hokuto no Ken) logo (1671 bytes)


Autobot Symbol "3D"
(3009 bytes + bg: 530 bytes)

Decepticon Symbol "3D"
(1628 bytes + bg: 535 bytes)

Autobot Symbol
(3902 bytes)

Decepticon Symbol
(1381 bytes)

Decepticon Symbol
(644 bytes)

I created the SVG images of the 北斗の拳 logo and the Autobot and Decepticon symbols using OpenOffice. The SVG files exported by OpenOffice contained a lot of redundancy. Every shape was defined twice: once with a black outline and no fill, and again with a fill and no outline. By eliminating the dupicate shapes (using VIM, a text editor), I reduced the file sizes greatly.


These are images of Transformers characters that I made based on model sheets from the TV series. I originally did these in Macromedia Flash (before I'd even heard of SVG). From Flash I exported these images to Metafile (wmf) format, then imported the Metafiles into OpenOffice. From there I exported SVG images. I then used a text editor to get rid of some redundant code in some of the SVG files, making the size of the files smaller.



Grimlock, Dino. mode (Full view)
(10,877 bytes)

Grimlock, Robot mode
(12,817 bytes)

Grimlock, Dino. mode (C.U. Side view)
(1,413 bytes)

Grimlock's Sword (Silver)
(2,867 bytes)

Grimlock's Sword (Red)
(2,879 bytes)

Optimus Prime

Head (Front view)
(2,955 bytes)

Head (Front / Left view)
(3,947 bytes)

Head (side view)
(3,543 bytes)

Head (Back/left view)
(3,690 bytes)

Head (Back view)
(2,002 bytes)


Megatron (side view)
(16,483 bytes)

Megatron (back view)
(57,350 bytes)

(78,882 bytes)

(21,511 bytes)

Megatron's Sword
(196,921 bytes)

This is a picture of the sword that the Megatron toy came with in Japan (but not in America).