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Final Fight Cheat Codes

These are cheat codes that I (Jeff Jacobson) personally found using ZSNES. I converted them to their Game Genie equivalents using a program called GG-HEX by Smite. (I haven't tested the GameGenie codes, so I don't know whether they actually work or not.)

Magic Tonpha & Lumber
Final Fight 2 (Japanese version)
Cheat Code (hexadecimal memory address:value)Description
7EADCE:06CONTINUES=6: You will always have 6 continues (Player 1 only)
7E106D:8DInfinite Health (Player 1)
7E1125:8DInfinite Health (Player 2)

(replace x with 0, 1, or 2)

Magic Weapons (player 1)

(replace x with 0, 1, or 2)

Magic Weapons (player 2)
x = 0 Magic Knife: Similar to the other "Magic" weapons codes, but with knives instead of tonphas or lumber. This one needs more testing. Sometimes when you push the attack button, YOUR CHARACTER will fall down as if he/she has been hit and will drop a knife. I think this only happens if you haven't picked up a knife, though.
x = 1 Magic Tonpha: When you first start out the game with this code, your punches will do no damage to your opponents.  But every time you get hit, you will drop a Tonpha.  Once you pick up a weapon, you will always be carrying it unless you pick up another weapon. 
x = 2 Magic Lumber: Same as "Magic Tonpha" code, but with lumber instead of tonphas.
x = 3 Guy icon"Guy Generator"Guy Icon: When you get hit, you will drop knives and Guys. (If you try to punch, your character will freeze.)Guy Icon
7EADCC:01 Activates the code that allows P1 and P2 to choose the same character. (This code is ↓,↓,↑,↑,→,←,→,←,L,R at the main menu screen.) If you enter the code manually, the background will change from black to blue. But if you use the PAR cheat code, the background stays black.
7E203F:4C This turns the background of the title menu screen blue. (See above code.) But it remains blue even after you start the game.
7ED863:1EFreeze timer at 17 Seconds
7EADB8:00~06Sets the difficulty level to easy (00), normal (02), difficult (04), or hard (06)
Magic Hammer
Final Fight 3 (a.k.a. Final Fight Tough)
These codes have been tested with the Beta, US, and Eur. versions. I can't find a rom of the Japanese version, "Final Fight Tough", so I don't know if these codes work with that version or not.
Hex address:valueGame GenieDescription
7E0405:6317DD-F25BTime always = 99
7E0515:05D9DF-925BPlayer 1 always has 5 lives. (The value can be changed from 05 to any number of lives)
7E0516:519FDF-928BSuper Meter always full (p1)
7E0615:05D9DF-B25BPlayer 2 Always has 5 lives
7E0616:519FDF-B28BSuper Meter always full (p2)

Magic Weapon Codes

Your character will always be carrying a certain weapon, even after it's knocked out of their hands.  (For example, if you use the "Magic Hammer" codes for players 1 & 2, both players will always be holding hammers.)

Note:  Sometimes you must be hit or you must throw someone before the weapon will appear in your hands when you first activate the code.

7E0514:01DFDF-927BMagic Pipe (p1)
7E0514:02D4DF-927BMagic Nunchaku (p1)
7E0514:03D7DF-927BMagic Club (p1)
7E0514:04D0DF-927BMagic Hammer (p1)
7E0614:01DFDF-B27BMagic Pipe (p2)
7E0614:02D4DF-B27BMagic Nunchaku (p2)
7E0614:03D7DF-B27BMagic Club (p2)
7E0614:04D0DF-B27BMagic Hammer (p2)
7E1F15:01DFFF-2258P1 is always Guy
7E1F15:02D4FF-2258P1 is always Haggar
7E1F15:03D7FF-2258P1 is always Lucia
7E1F15:04D0FF-2258P1 is always Dean
7E1F16:01DFFF-2288P2 is always Guy
7E1F16:02D4FF-2288P2 is always Haggar
7E1F16:03D7FF-2288P2 is always Lucia
7E1F16:04D0FF-2288P2 is always Dean
7E1F10:02 D4FF-2A78 Cycle through demos with Start button.
While searching for a code to set whether or not the computer controls player 2, I accidentally found this code. When you first turn on the game various demos are shown, followed by character profiles. With this code activated, pressing START to skip the demo and go straight to the character profile, and pressing START again will go to the next demo. (Note that the START button normally would take you to the menu, so you will not be able to actually start the game without first deactivating this code.)
7E0351:02 D4D9-2A56 P1 Yakashichi. This was in my ZSNES cht file, but it doesn't seem to work. (Yakashichi is an item in the game that will make you invincible for a short period of time.)


The beta version of Final Fight 3 has a "Test Mode" menu that you could activate by pressing Select+Start at the Capcom logo screen. From this menu you can select various different options. (I found this out from

Unfortunately, the "Test Mode" menu cannot be accessed on the final US version of FF3. (At least I couldn't get it to work.) But I used ZSNES with FF3(beta) to find the memory addresses that control these codes, which enables the Test Mode features to be utilized on the final US version.

Hex address:value Game Genie Description
7E1F0B:xx *
ggFD-23E8 **
400DL+R RECOVERYPressing L+R buttons will restore health meters.
10FDX ENEMY CLASHPressing X button will kill all enemies that are on screen.
08D6SOUND TESTActivates a Sound test in the Options menu.
04D0A2P TO FULL AUTOIn Auto 2P mode, BOTH players are computer-controlled
02D4EVERYTIME SUPERPlayers can perform SUPER moves at any time.

To activate more than one of these options, you must add the numbers from the value column. E.g., if you want L+R RECOVERY, X ENEMY CLASH, SOUND TEST, and EVERYTIME SUPER all activated, you must add their values together. Since 40+10+08+02=5A, the code you'd use is 7E1F0B:5A

* Replace xx with a number from the "xx" column in the description.

** Replace gg with a number from the "gg" column in the description.

7E1F0A:xx * ggFD-2388 **
806DPAUSE DEBUGDebug info is displayed while paused. Press select to change to a different set of info. Cycle through this info by pressing Up and Down. (I don't know what any of the info means, though.)
204DEND MARKA moving black line is displayed on screen during the game. I don't know what this line is, though.
01DFENEMY FREEAll of the enemies are gone. You just have to walk through the levels.

* Replace xx with a number from the "xx" column in the description.

** Replace gg with a number from the "gg" column in the description.

Test mode presets
YDebug BBG Check XFull Auto ATake A Picture