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北斗の拳Hokuto no Ken ZSNES Cheats

Main ZSNES cheat page.

Hokuto no Ken 5
北斗の拳Hokuto no Ken 天魔流星伝Demon Meteor Legend Sorrow絶章Suppressed Chapter

Always have 99,999 Judollars.

7E2EFC ~ 7E2F03

This range of memory addresses controls 水丸Suimaru's HP, MHP, OP, and MOP respectively. (Max displayable for each is 999.)

Each uses two addresses. So HP uses the first two addresses in the range: 7E2EFC and 7E2EFD,
MHP uses the next two: 7E2EFE and 7E2EFF,
OP uses 7E2F00 and 7E2F01,
and MOP uses 7E2F02 and 7E2FO3.

If you wanted to force 水丸's HP to always be 999 (or 3E7 in hexadecimal), then you would assign E7 to the first address and 03 to the second, like this:

7E2EFC:E7 7E2EFD:03

The other characters' patch codes work similarly.

7E2F14 ~ 7E2F16

This range controls 水丸's experience points. (Max displayable: 9,999,999)

7E2F53 ~ 7E2F5A

This range of addresses controls 黒夜叉Kuroyasha's HP, MHP, OP, and MOP.

7E2F6B ~ 7E2F6D

This range of addresses controls 黒夜叉's experience points.

7E3058 ~ 7E305F

This range of addresses controls the Hero's HP, MHP, OP, and MOP.

7E3070 ~ 7E3072

This range of addresses controls the hero's experience points.

7E315D ~ 7E3164

This range of addresses controls レイRei's HP, MHP, OP, and MOP.

7E3175 ~ 7E3177

This range of addresses controls the レイ's experience points.

Heart vs. Heart
北斗の拳Hokuto no Ken 激闘伝承拳~覇王への道
Cheat CodeDescription
7E02CA:70P1 HP meter always full
7E02CC:50P1 AP meter 1/2 full
7E02CC:A0P1 AP meter full
7E0323:70P2 HP meter always full
7E0325:50P2 AP meter 1/2 full
7E0325:A0P2 AP meter full

Secret Level / End

This code will take you to the end of the game after you've selected a character in 1P MODE.

If you activate this code after you've been defeated (e.g., at the "continue" screen), when you continue, you will go straight to your character's ending.

If you haven't used any continues, you'll first be taken to the "secret stage" where you fight a gray Kenshirou. (Normally, you must beat all of the other characters without continuing to get to the "Gray Kenshirou".) If you defeat "Gray Kenshirou", deactivate this code immediately. (Otherwise you'll go to another "vs." screen as if you are going to fight another opponent. But instead you will be facing the defeated "Gray Kenshirou" lying on the ground. Your character will jump in the air, then the sprites will get corrupted, and the game freezes.)


Replace "x" with a digit, 0-8. (See description column.)

Player 1 codes

These codes will force player 1 to be a certain character. This allows you to have two of the same character fight each other in "FREE MODE". (You must only activate the p1 code after you have selected a character.)

For the first battle after you've selected your character in 1P FIGHT or 2P FIGHT mode, sometimes the character's sprites will be messed up. After you die and continue, or win and fight a different character, the sprites should return to normal.

7E0ABD0x (replace x with character's number)

  • 0 = ケンシロウKenshirou
  • 1 = ハートHeart
  • 2 = レイRei
  • 3 = サウザーSouther
  • 4 = ラオウRaou
  • 5 = ファルコFalco
  • 6 = 黒夜叉Kuroyasha
  • 7 = カイオウKaiou
  • 8 = Gray Kenshirou

    The code for "Gray Kenshirou" seems to only work in FREE FIGHT mode. If you try to use it in another mode, the screen gets all messed up.

Kiba Daiou vs Heart
聖拳列伝 伝承者への道
Hokuto no Ken 7: Seiken Retsuden - Denshousha e no Michi
Fist of the Big Dipper 7: Holy Fist Biographies - Path to the Successor

Replace "p" with 1 or 2.
Replace "x" with 0-8.

Forces Player "p" to be a certain character. (Replace "p" with 1 for Player 1, 2 for Player 2.) You use a different value, 0-8, to determine which character.


Heart and Kiba are normally unplayable characters. Neither of them can jump.

0ケンシロウ (Kenshirou)
1シン (Shin)
2レイ (Rei)
3シュウ (Shuu)
4サウザー (Souther)
5ジュウザ (Juuza)
6ラオウ (Raou)
7ハート (Heart)
8牙大王きばだいおう (Kiba Daiou)

Note: if you press Down + an attack button while using Kiba Daiou, the game will freeze.

7E0129:22P1's HP meter always full.
P1 OP = 2400 (level 1)
P1 OP = 4800 (level 2)
P1 OP = 7200 (level 3)
P1 OP = 8800 (level 4)

Since these are such large numbers, they take up two memory addresses. P1's OP value is stored in the memory addresses 7E012E and 7E012F. To store a value of 8800, first convert 8800 to hexadecimal. 8800 is written as 2260 in hex. The first two digits on the right (60) go to the first address (7E012E:60) and the next two digits (22) go with the second address (7E012F:22).

7E02BC:22P2's HP meter always full.
P2 OP meter = 7200 (level 3)
P2 OP meter = 8800 (level 4)
7E02AB:00P2 uses Kenshirou Sprite

I don't remember what this does exactly, but it wasn't very useful.