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ZSNES Cheat files

Below are a few cheat(CHT) files for use with the SNES/Super Famicom emulator, ZSNES.

In order to use these cheat files, you must rename them to match your rom.  For instance, if you downloaded a cheat file called FFIGHT2.CHT to use with your Final Fight 2 ROM called FINALF2.SMC (or FINALF2.ZIP), you would need to rename the cheat file to FINALF2.CHT.  (You could also rename your SMC or ZIP file to FFIGHT2.SMC or FFIGHT2.ZIP.)

For more information on using cheat files with ZSNES, see the documentation included with ZSNES or go to

Here is the archive containing the ZSNES Cheat Code Files

Codes for the Final Fight games.

Codes for the 北斗の拳Hokuto no Ken games.

Go! Go! Ackman (Hacked version)
Cheat Code NameDescription
Health=6Your Health will always be equal to 6
3 BombsYou will always have 3 bombs remaining
No WeaponsYou always have no weapons. (not a very useful code)
Have Bomb as weaponYou have a bomb for a weapon instead of a Gun, Sword, etc.
Always have Gun
Always have Sword
Always have Blade
6 Health SpacesYou always will have 6 spaces for health, but you can still be hurt.
Always 2 LivesInfinite Lives
IndestructableNothing will harm you.  You won't even die if you fall off a cliff!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Warriors (Japanese Version)
7E0EE4:60P1 Life Meter Full
7E0FC4:60P2 Life Meter Full
7E1AC4:54P1 Energy Meter Full
7E1B14:54P2 Energy Meter Full
7E1958:02P1 has 2 victories

Activate Built in Cheat Codes

TMNT:TF/MW has built in cheat codes. Using ZSNES, I found these PAR cheat codes so that you do not have to manually enter the codes every time you start the game. You can just save it to a ZSNES CHT file and automatically activate these codes. In the description column in parenthesis is the manual method to activate these codes, which are entered with controller two at the title screen.

7E1F9A:01Hi-Speed 3 (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)
7E1F9C:01Boss Stages Selectable (L, R, L, R, L, R, A)
7E1F96:0110 Credits in Story Mode Code Entered (B, B, B, A, A, A, X, X, X, X, X, X)
7E1F98:01Ultimate Attacks in Story Mode code entered (Up, Left, Down, Right, X, Y, B, A, X, Y, B, A, X)
7E1F94:01Play as Karai or Rat King code entered (X, Up, Y, Left, B, Down, A, Right, X, Up)
Super Mario Collection
たぬき: Tanuki, a.k.a. Racoon Dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides)
Super Mario Bros. 1 & 2 codes
7E0753:0x Character: 0 = Mario, 1 = Luigi. (Does not affect color.) IIRC, changing this in SMB1 also changes which controller controls the character.
7E0EC2:0xCharacter color: 0 = Mario, 1 = Luigi
7E077A:0x 0 = 1P game, 1 = 2P game

If the 2P Game code is used in SMB2, you will get a strange 2P game where both players use the same controller.


This controls what size Mario is (along with whether he can break bricks with his head). Replace the "x" in the code with one of these values:

  • 0. Mario is Big
  • 1. Mario is Small

This address controls what happens to Mario when he is hit by an enemy, as well as whether he can shoot fire and what color palette (regular or fire) is used. Replace "x" with one of the values below.

  • 0. Mario dies when hit.
  • 1. Mario changes sizes when hit.
  • 2. Mario is in Fire colors and can shoot fire, and changes sizes when hit
  • 3. Same as above code, but Mario is in regular colors.

Mario always has 5 lives.

7E07E9 ~ 7E07EB

This range of values controls the timer. Each of the three addresses controls one digit of the timer. These addresses should not be set to a value over 9. If you wanted to set the timer to 300, this is how you would do it:

7E07E9:03 7E07EA:00 7E07EB:00
Super Mario USA
7E04C3:1FAlways have two FILLED hearts.
7E04C4:02Always have two additional (or four total) heart slots.

This will select which characters SPRITES you are using. (So if you start with Mario and activate the code for Princess, you won't be able to use her floating power.) Replace "x" with one of these numbers:

  • 0. Mario
  • 1. Princess
  • 2. Luigi
  • 3. Toad
Super Mario Bros. 3

This controls what powers (regular, fire, racoon, etc.) Mario has. Replace "x" with one of these values:

  • 0. Regular Mario
  • 1. Super Mario
  • 2. Fire Mario
  • 3. Racoon Mario
  • 4. Frog Mario
  • 5. Tanuki Mario
  • 6. Hammer Mario
  • 7. Swimming Racoon Mario (Mario swims through the air as if in water.)

While this changes Mario's costume, it does not change his colors. (So if you use the Frog Mario code, his frog costume will be the wrong color.) If you use the Tanuki Mario code, you can change to the correct colors by changing into a statue.

7E14F6 ~ 7E14FF

These addresses control Mario's color palette. Below is a list of values for each costume:

  • Regular / Super / Racoon:
    25, C7, 55, 69, 6A, 9F, 1C, 19, 0C, 14, 00
  • Fire:
    59, 1F, 01, BF, 11, FF, 7F, DF, 5B, 5F, 2F
  • Frog:
    60, 05, 42, C9, 52, 74, 03, CF, 02, 4B, 02
  • Tanuki:
    F2, 97, 0D, 1B, 0E, F7, 5E, 52, 4A, AD, 35
  • Hammer:
    2B, F1, 3D, D8, 5A, DF, 1A, 1A, 0E, 76, 01
Sim City
(Only tested on US version)
7E0B53 ~ 7E0B54Year (Max: 9999)
7E0B55Month. Valid values 01 (January) - 0C (December)
7E0B9D ~ 7E0B9FMoney (Max: $999,999)
7E0BA5 ~ 7E0BA7Population (Max: 999,999)
7E0DDF:64100% Approval
7E0DE1:000% Disproval
Super Back to the Future Part II

When you run into an enemy THEY get hurt instead of you. (Like when you get that shield that costs 85 coins.)

7E009A:03Always have 3 Boards
Always have 999 Coins

Other Cheat files: